More About Mar

Since a very young age I knew I was not the type to just sit in the back row and take directions.  I’ve always been a good writer (at least I think so).  It wasn’t until recently that I actually started enjoying it…Writing is no longer just an act of “Ugh I need to get this 12 page paper done.”  Instead it’s a way to express myself, let out pent up emotion, and ultimately sift through my own confusion.  Everyone needs something that makes them feel above water when they’re constantly drowning…And for me that’s writing.


I was born in 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio.  I lived the fairly average life with two parents and a golden retriever in the suburbs as an only child.  My parents divorced like most these days, but that brought me the beautiful little brother I have today.  I may have lived 16 years of my life as an only child, but I must say watching my half brother grow up is so exciting.  In addition to my blood relatives, I also have a step brother and two step sisters.  I was always the over-achiever type.  Did well in school.  And got involved in basically everything I could get my hands on.  I like keeping myself busy, which I surely do with my big ‘ol Italian family, two step families, love of my life Ken and our fur baby Penelope.


In the current day I am just your not-so-average 20 year old college student.  I study marketing at Cleveland State University.  At 16 I started college hoping for the fresh start that I never got in high school.  That and I was super bored in high school.  Like seriously I should not have to color pictures in an honors Bio class.  So at the end of my sophomore year I set out to attend college full-time through the Post Secondary program.

I must say although I was very hush hush about it, being barely old enough to drive and in college was scary.  Especially considering I go to a non-traditional school.  Cleveland State’s dynamic has changed drastically even in the 3 years I’ve been here.  But still it’s average student’s age was far older than I was.  After the must needed dose of early adulthood, learning surrounded by a bunch of 30 year-olds didn’t seem all that scary anymore.

Part of me feels like it was just yesterday.  Part of me feels like it was ages ago.  Nonetheless, it’s finally senior year and the taste of graduation is so bittersweet.  Less than 12 months from now I will be entering the post-graduate world.  I will get a job and find something fun to do since 99% of my life isn’t taken up by homework.  That small piece of paper with the fancy gold embossed seal is the only thing standing between me and being official.  Graduation here I come!!